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Stay ahead of your competition – make sure your staff and your customers can reach you whenever they need to communicate. Let Approved Business Communications experts help you through the maze of communications.

It all started with a Modem! The screeching noise made when a dial up connection was established has rapidly been replaced by “always on” internet access. The original broadband (a 2Mb circuit with 20 users sharing – known as contention) is no longer suitable for most businesses.

ADSL2 took over and even this is not reliable enough for most businesses. New services such are now available to help give a superior experience:-

  • FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) or Superfast Broadband
  • EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) also known as GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) which is a service utilising FTTC and gives priority when the network is congested
  • EFM (Ethernet First Mile) which uses copper pairs allowing up to 20Mb upstream and downstream.

Old leased lines were copper based offering services up to 2Mb have been replaced over the last few years with fibre allowing speeds of over 1Gb. The cost of all these services are not as high as you might think.

A LAN (Local area network) at a single site may need to be connected to other sites, becoming a WAN (Wide Area Network). Every customer will have differing needs or requirements, you will need Firewalls at each site to be incorporated to protect the networks and the list goes on. Adding the circuits to an MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) network will ensure that the data packets are sent via the fastest route - effectively creating a tunnel.

So, make use of Approved companies and Approved consultants to help decide the most suitable service at the best price available.

At, we will ensure your pre-requisites are qualified and compared with the major ISP’s across the UK, totally free and with no obligation until you decide the service is right for you.

The process is simple, you tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will ensure you get the best prices but more importantly that you get what you need.

We will match your requirements and needs with suitable carriers and you will be contacted you to discuss relevant installation and contract details.

It does not matter if you are a new business or a major international organisation, try our free and fast price support service to ensure you get the right connection and the best prices available.

Why ask us?

We will compare your sites location(s) with suitable carriers to enable prices to be obtained. This is very relevant as some carriers may be too far away from you.

Leased lines, EFM, FTTC, GEA - we know the difference but we don't expect you too. Simply put "let the experts do what they do best!".

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