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Hosted Telephone Systems

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With increasingly reliable internet access comes new cloud services. One of these cloud services is known as “Hosted Telephone Systems” or “off premise telephone systems”. These should only be used if you have an absolutely reliable internet access with service levels included. If, and only if, you have service levels you are happy with then Hosted Telephone Systems are a really good alternative to “on premise telephone systems”. There is less capital outlay in the early days and, other than managing the internet connection, you only have your desk phones to look after. If disaster recovery is high on your list of priorities then Hosted Telephone Systems coupled with good internet access is a must for you.

If you have many home workers or have a multi office organisation then can help you decide whether a Hosted Telephone System or an on-site telephone system is appropriate. It may be that a hybrid (basically a mixture of both) is the correct option.

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